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Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Latest Triumph 

Finalmente, a computer that's unbeatable at checkers.

I was worried for a while there. Many of us were. Oh, you didn't let on, of course. Pretended it didn't matter. Checkers! Any fool can play checkers.

But deep down many were troubled. Of course, the last half century had seen voluminous work done in computers, enormous strides had been taken, and now software of all kinds was eveywhere, confidently managing all our business with cybernetic panache.

But the fact that a man might best a machine at checkers remained a source of doubt for many. What if the final contest were to take the form of a checkers match? What if, ultimately, those puny humans had more tricks up their moth-eaten sleeves? What then?

Well, that danger is past—for now.



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