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Sunday, July 01, 2007

We Will Not This, We Will Not That 

CNN.com says:

Brown said in a TV interview that Britons: "Will not yield, we will not be intimidated, and we will not allow anyone to undermine our British way of life."

—after a car with a burning man in it crashed into an airport building. It could have killed hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands. It could turn back the clock and undo a thousand years of history and irrevocably undermine the whole infrastructure of Western Europe. It's like the Crusades, only more so. We will be reduced to eating woad and worshipping horses. And not “years from now”, but tomorrow. These burning men make the Spanish Armada and the Luftwaffe look like boy scouts. No, more like softies who were not even tough enough to be in the boy scouts.

“Yes, the Blitz was bad,” commented one Londoner, “but at least we didn't have flaming Land Rovers to contend with.” Etc.



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