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Friday, September 07, 2007


If you're about to cross the road, you'll sometimes see a car piddling along, the driver seemingly unsure of his itinerary. Stopping? Turning? What? As the car passes you can see into the driver's window. Sure enough—gabbing away on the cell phone, that's why they're not paying attention to traffic, because driving itself just AIN'T INTERESTING ENOUGH, IS IT? Just keeping this vehicle on the road isn't engaging him at anything like his full capability. He feels like a gifted child held back in the special ed. class.

Yesterday I saw another such. But as the car drew up, I could see the guy was not talking on the phone but taking bites out of a piece of fruit, and glancing at the fruit from time to time, as if to say: “My goodness, fruit! You are extremely tasty.” Somehow that seems less bad.



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