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Friday, November 02, 2007

Happy People 

Your friends are loathe to explain it to you

What if it turns out that your whole life is a joke, and you're not even in on it? Your friends are loath to explain it to you, for obvious reasons, but also because it's just not that funny, and the joke, such as it is, would be spoiled even for them.

It could be that the average person, though he may understand most jokes, is constitutionally incapable of perceiving that joke, the joke on himself. That would explain a lot of things. It even explains the self-deprecation of so many people which, while disarming, still seems insincere or inadequate.

“You keep saying, ‘in my humble opinion’, yet there you are, having an opinion. Why is this?”

Almost every day I catch people not being self-deprecating enough.



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