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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Other Things to Say 


Since I am underground
I hear a lot of that,
or seem to, you never know
where news comes from,
or know a tremor from a rumour.
Have you heard the noise?
It travels fast down here
and, as ever, we feel it first.

I heard that white women were missing
in Orange County, homes empty,
yards full of furniture and trash,
and apparently they've found out
that Jodie Foster is not human,
but a reptile.

Sightless bright men
stare at nothing, reading,
and something else is happening
all over, something you don't know.
The casino's crumbling
my phone won't stop squeaking
about something up above.

...meanwhile, we should probably never have sent Kyklops over there. He was supposed to get to the bottom of this Godzilla business, work out some kind of deal, but now he's obsessively sending back photographs of “Pocari Sweat” vending machines. His methods seem unsound.



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