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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Oh Don't Play That Bodhrán So Near My Ear 

There seems to be a music show on TV now. Something local. Let's press the mute button and imagine ...

“And here's another instrument I invented ... based on the dulcimer, as you can see, but with extra strings ... and louder, obviously. I first heard it in a bar in Boston, true story, and there was an old guy who had emigrated in the 1950s, told me this amazing story, he had a job once, and he had been playing the clithoiris mhór and other plectral instruments for forty years, mostly for his own amusement, but he was willing to teach anyone who was interested. And one or two people were interested, but they were busy. And I decided to build an instrument based on his, except with these extra strings, and much, much louder, so that it would, in a sense, redefine the word ‘din’. And then I grew this ponytail, how do you like it? You'd be amazed how many chicks are into nicotine-stained grey ponytails.”

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