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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Eastern Promises 

I was a little startled to find myself getting annoyed by this film Eastern Promises, because usually I watch nonsense on TV every evening and find it agreeable. What could be the problem?

I now think it's the realisation that there are tons of Russian émigrés in the US or UK who would have enjoyed the pocket money if they were hired to vet the script a little, or at least blue-pencil some of the more extreme madness, or at the very least coach the actors in Russian rather than Klingon. And why was their help not sought? Because the filmmakers didn't care. It's not important.

And of course it is just a film, why ...

Is it possible that something could be accused of being unnecessarily intelligent? I think so. Some kinds of criticism are obviously misguided, like this one. But why is that?



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