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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Roméo Dallaire had some interesting things to say about the Khadr case today:

Canada and the United States have sunk to the moral equivalent of terrorists in their handling of a young Canadian held at Guantanamo Bay, says Liberal senator and ex-general Romeo Dallaire.
Dallaire says the two countries have flouted human rights and international conventions in dealing with Omar Khadr and are no better than those who don't believe in rights at all.

He was quickly set upon by Conservative MP Jason Kenney:

"Is it your testimony that al-Qaida strapping up a 14-year-old girl with Down syndrome and sending her into a pet market to be remotely detonated is the moral equivalent to Canada's not making extraordinary political efforts for a transfer of Omar Khadr to this country?" he asked.

It's not bad. “Down Syndrome...wha?” you're saying. I think the idea is to shock people with one's easy command of illogic and irrelevance. But I have seen it often enough in the work of the really indefatigable trolls at various political blogs, always writings things like, “So basically you're saying that you'd like to kill and eat puppies, is what you're saying”, in reply to some opinion about popular music or something. But Kenney overreaches himself with the Down Syndrome bit. A good troll would have known how to rein it in, stop a little short of the discredited detail.

And who is Jason Kenney and how does he know so much? You might well ask.

He was sudying with the Jesuits for a while...“however, Kenney dropped out before completing his undergraduate degree to begin work in Saskatchewan provincial politics”, Wikipedia explains.

You'll have noticed that a lot of these people do that, Karl Rove and so on. Straight from High School Student Council to some kind of murky apprenticeship in provincial politics, flushing toilets and handing people towels in the men's room, most likely, which, when you think about it, is no occupation for any self-respecting person.

But this business of truly stupid people getting into positions where they can act the goat in public is a bit of a problem.



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