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Monday, September 01, 2008

Oh Yeah 

There was an interesting thing on TV5's “Vie Publique, Vie Privée” about Antoine, the 60s pop star whose big hit was “Les Élucubrations”. It was an enormous success and he toured everywhere, met the Stones, etc., but at some point the publicity bothered him to such a degree that he decided to spend all his time sailing instead of talking to journalists.

At the end of one interview, just before he was due to go on stage, the reporter asked him if he needed time to prepare. He said that he didn't really do much before going on stage, no vocal exercises, no makeup. He didn't even need to shave, since he had hardly any beard at all (being a very youthful twenty-year-old). The next day the headline said: “Antoine Cannot Grow a Beard!”

Now he has his beard and sails around the Tropics taking pictures and making films of all the places he visits. He has also written several books.



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