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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Too Bad 

Well, there you go. A post at Canadian Cynic (entitled “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!”, which is a nice précis), talks about this CBCnews.ca story:

Laureen Harper cancelled her plans to attend the National Art Centre's annual gala a day after her husband, Conservative Leader Stephen Harper, said such events don't resonate with "ordinary people."

I'll bet Mrs Harper is less than pleased. They were going to have Tony Bennett! Instead she gets to spend the evening doing whatever you do at home with Stephen Harper. Resonating with ordinary people, I guess.

[NAC Director of Communications Director Jayne] Watson said Harper's attendance at the annual gala in past years "adds some star power," but the musical stars on the program will make this year's event a wonderful evening, nonetheless.

Adds star power? To Tony Bennett?



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