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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

You See, It's... It's No Good, Montag 

I was thinking, who cares about this halfwit Sarah Palin, whom John McCain has chosen as his running mate? What else would he do? He has a very idiosyncratic view of the world, and this is what you get.

On the other hand ... as Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, Palin apparently took it into her head to go around to the library and try to get a bunch of books banned. When the librarian refused (which they are wont to do), she tried to have her fired. And this was all her own doing mind you. She was being proactive, thought it would be a good way to curry favour with religious extremists.

... thought it would be a good way to curry favour with religious extremists.

Some of the individual books she wanted out of temptation's way: Leaves of Grass, Of Mice and Men, The Canterbury Tales ... no, I'm not making this up. See the post at Straddling the World of Books.

Her list also included:

Anything by Stephen King, everything by J.K. Rowling, just about everything by Roald Dahl, both of Mark Twain's major works, most of Judy Blume, most of William Shakespeare, and (this is truly mind-boggling) Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary by the Merriam-Webster Editorial Staff.

Most of Mark Twain and Shakespeare. I guess she didn't really want people reading at all. She probably saw “Fahrenheit 451” and rooted for the regime.

Correction: Apparently the list of books at that link is completely bogus!



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