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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Help Think Ways Documents 

From 2006 but still interesting: Calling Melvil Dewey, about a bizarre document calling for looser, simpler library cataloguing:

According to Karen Calhoun, a librarian at the Cornell University Library and author of the report, the document is intended to help librarians think about ways to make information more accessible in the digital age.
[ ... ]
She also urged the Library of Congress to dismantle the long-used “Subject Headings” classification system, a method for grouping books with similar topics.

A method for...?

I think it makes more sense to group books solely according to size and colour of binding. Maybe put nice-looking books near the front, where people can see them and go “aaah!”, the dull-looking books at the back or in the basement.

The thing about the digital age is everybody's all fingers and thumbs.



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