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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Palin Didn't Read Pre-Prepared Answers 

An Atlantic.com blog post by Marc Ambinder. So just fuck the fuck off, all you mean, mean people.

You viscious, heartless bastards. Cf. “Dirty Fork”.

Actually, I had trouble reading his title, because I thought it was supposed to be the author stuttering, “Pre-Pre-Pre”, in pure outrage.

ThinkProgress and other liberal entities analyzed the tape from last night's vice presidential debate and seem to believe that Gov. Sarah Palin brought a sheaf of talking points to her lectern and simply read them.

That's not what happened.

Debate rules prohibited candidates from bringing any pre-prepared material with them.

Only blank paper and writing utensils were provided

The only thing missing is a stern asseveration through clenched teeth: And IF I Hear This One More Time, From Any One Of You—.

I am sure he is correct, but who knows? In any case, Ms Palin did not appear to have a firm grasp on anything she was discussing. She failed to stick to the topic several times, reciting talking points instead. (Her answer to the question about experience, for example). She misspoke a few times, appearing to make a point she didn't intend. She babbled.

So she did not have a cheat-sheet. The problem is she needed one.

The bigger problem is, of course, much bigger than Sarah Palin. It's the problem of politicians who need a little crash-course in the policies they're supposed to be enacting before they can be expected to talk about them or answer questions about them in public, as they are unfortunately still required to do once in a great while. Ideally, they should have a grasp of what they are doing most of the time.



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