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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Biographical Notes 

I was surprised to see that “Breakast at Tiffany's” is considered an all-time great movie. I can remember seeing it on TV way back and thinking it was stupid, but there were lots of things that I thought were stupid when I was ten years old. Everyone's making a fuss, I thought, maybe I'm just too young to appreciate it. So I rented it recently.

It's still sort of silly. Back then I couldn't understand why the two characters are all bored and dull. If anything, I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I just accepted that they were pissy and weird the way adults are, with their unidentifiable problems. Now I see that they're just time-wasting nuisances. They're bored with themselves. Also, she throws her cat away. There's a whole bunch of junk about how she hasn't named the cat because bla bla bla, but evidently it's too much effort to look after a cat.

So obviously, what ever happened to Holly Golightly?

Supposedly some guy ran into her in Brooklyn in the 1970s. She was working in a basement tavern. At first she was kind of reluctant to admit that she was Holly Golightly, but after some prodding and a few drinks, she opened up.

Apparently she didn't go to Brazil or marry George Peppard, but went out to LA to try her luck. She was married to producer Wiktor Bychzslap for a while. You remember him, he made all these movies about motorcycle gangs, and was very close to Ed “Big Daddy” Roth of Ratfink fame. What a time that was! Wild hot-rod rides among the beatniks and hodads.

“Yes, interesting, but what was she like?” I asked my friend, impatient to discover the truth.

“She was nuts, a deadbeat, cadging drinks in a pathetic fashion, vomiting into one of several shopping bags that she carried. And that was on a good day.”


“...eh, the worst thing is they were plastic shopping bags, like ones you get from the supermarket, with a lot of other junk in them. Creates a bad impression.”

“Like you just don't care any more, right.”




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