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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Building Corporation Alliance Enabling Strategies 

I was reading an important news headline on Yahoo News about something that nGenera said about this generation, which is to say, everybody in the world except children and old people. nGenera has an opinion about that—about the nature of the population of the entire planet—and it deserves immediate promulgation by news sources like Yahoo.

It was fairly interesting. Une question, though: What is “nGenera” and what the fuck do they fucking DO? You would think “nGenera” means “a given number of types of things”, but it turns out to be none other than “BSG Aliance”! Of course!

What does BSG stand for? And what do they do? In the sense of, what do they do?

Here are some Google headlines:

BSG Alliance Announces Acquisition Of New Paradigm. [They don't mean “a new paradigm”, but something that calls itself “New Paradigm”, the way I might decide to call myself “Mr Excitement”. Or “BSG Alliance”, which is what I had wanted to call myself until now.]
Renowned Business/Technology Innovation Strategist Don Tapscott's New Paradigm acquired by BSG Alliance to Enable Next Generation Enterprises.
nGenera Corporation was formerly known as BSG Alliance Corporation[!]
Who is nGenera? [Well, funny you should ask.] nGenera helps its customers become Next Generation Enterprises, On Demand. Today’s business conditions demand fundamentally new forms of ...
...BS, probably.



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