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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Film Critics 

Robert Ebert on the strange thing that is happening to newspapers and other media. “Death to film critics! Hail to the CelebCult!”:

Earlier this year the Voice fired Dennis Lim and Nathan Lee, and recently fired all the local movie critics in its national chain, to be replaced, Variety's Anne Thompson reported, by syndicating their critics on the two coasts, the Voice's J. Hoberman and the L.A. Weekly's Scott Foundas. Serious writers, yes, but...

Meanwhile, the Detroit Free-Press has decided it needs no film critic at all. Michael Wilmington is gone from the Chicago Tribune, Jack Mathews and Jami Bernard from the New York Daily News, Kevin Thomas from the Los Angeles Times--and the internationally-respected film critic of the Chicago Reader, Jonathan Rosenbaum, has retired, accepted a buy-out, will write for his blog, or something.

I was wondering about that. If you use Yahoo! mail, you can't help noticing the junk news items they have in the latest news box. There's an interesting parliamentary development here in Canada but the news on Yahoo.ca! was about some people that murdered each other and some new healthy way of eating roughage.



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