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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's 

Did I already talk about this? One thing I need to do is enable comments in some way.

I notice some people are using the Echo product from JS-Kit. It looks like a big piece of meringue.

If you were a well-trained military sniper, and then left the service, probably the RCMP would visit you from time to time after you got out, just to see how you were getting on.

—Le Premier Ministre is going to be visiting here next week, so ...

—Oh, yes, I saw that in the paper. Good for him!

—So ... do you have, like, any plans then? You're gonna be in town, or...?

—Oh, definitely, yes. Where'm I gonna go, with this so-called stress thing?

—That must be hard. Very difficult. But you're, like, okay, right?

—Oh yes. Gosh. This is me being happy.

—That's good. So, we just wanted to see how you were, and everything...

Eventually they would get up to leave and ask, as they head out:

—Sooo, you're basically happy with things? You know—everything's going okay for you? Job, homelife? Relations with the neighbours?

—Oh, yeah.

—Doing good?

—Sure, sure.

—You have everything you want?

—Oh yeah. Wish we'd get some decent weather though!

—Isn't that the truth, ha, ha, ha! Good. Well. You're good for money and everything? ...Don't need, like, a few extra bucks?

Sort of a prophylactic conversation.



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