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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Somebody shot somebody else by accident. However, the police got all nosy...

—We heard you two were having an argument, some time just prior to the accident.

—Oh yeah. Boy, we have these ding-dongs sometimes, you know? And after, you're all, ‘I don't even know what we're arguing about’, kind of thing. But that was before the accident.

—So, just to clear this up once and for all, to sort of get it out of the way and out of our inbox, so we can continue with our enquiries—and who knows where they may take us? Perhaps nowhere—you had the argument. And then you shot him.

—By accident.

—By accident, yes.

—Yes, we had the argument. And then, there was this accident.

—So, you could say, the argument was pretty much concluded when you shot him?

—Yes, that's a good way of putting it. It had come to an end. Then the shooting. Which was totally irrelevant. Just out of the blue.

—You had run out of argumentative sallies by that time? The matter was exhausted?

—Yeah, I think we both left it there. We'd both said pretty much everything. You know, there's a point where you're kind of, you know, whatever.


“The matter was exhausted?” “Yes...”

—You know, and it's—we've been through all this before, nobody's going to come up with some new thing. You're not going to suddenly convince the other person that you're right and they're wrong. Especially about something you've been arguing about for years. You just see things differently. Neither person is listening, really. They're just sort of revisiting things in their own head. I think it's usually some other, hidden thing that's the problem. You know, they seem pissed off about you or what's been going on, but actually it's like a thing. An ongoing thing they have with something or someone else. It's the situation that's—

—that's the real problem, yes.

—And that's why you can't really resolve it.

—Exactly. Exactly. Well, sorry to take up so much of your time. I guess we'll just file this under ‘U’ for The Unexplained.



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