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Monday, February 15, 2010


—We'll just push a button, and the work will be done for us!

—And you'll be drawing a salary for what, exactly?

—Oh, for keeping a watch over the process. Supervisory capacity.

—I hardly think they're going to want to pay you to watch the work getting done.

—Don't say—

—Well, okay, I won't say it. It'll be our little secret, then.


Why do you keep saying “beat”?

—It's in the script. Haven't you read it? Beat.

—No, that must be an earlier version you have. We've syncopated it. All that “beat”, “beat”. You should download the new version.


—It's a PDF file.

—What format is it in? Word?

—Bacon sandwich.

—You know what I'd like right now? Oh, right. I guess you're right.



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