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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

How to Sleep 

I used to hope that sleeping would get me somewhere. For a while, I ended the day thinking: All right. That didn't go so well. Sleep, then try again. And I would lie there angrily expecting new ideas, and a fresh roll of the dice the next day. And then I stopped doing that. Instead, I looked at sleep as a barrier, though not a huge one, to the thing I was trying to do. I took to waiting it out. While sleeping, I imagined myself awake, unusually alert, ready to jump at the enemy as soon as he was in view. I saw myself laughing quietly, suspended in the dark, not really in the bed, but hovering in the shadows above it. Failing to notice people coming into the room was part of my cover.

But now I have to be even more cautious. More alert. More awake. More profoundly asleep.



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