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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Back to My Book 

Sitting there in the restaurant, watching my wife give a blowjob to a total stranger—a total stranger to me, at any rate; I suppose to her he would have ceased to be a total stranger somewhere around minute three of this blowjob—and catching myself drifting, I make an effort to concentrate on my book. Or rather, between the second and third lines of the fourth chapter, I think, Should I be paying quite so much attention to this book and neglecting the meal I am eating? Do I even know what I'm eating? Fries, of course. I have eaten the battered fish blobs. These fries are salty and crisp, and almost cause me to lose my place in my book, but not quite: the book is nearly enough to occupy me, because here, at the beginning of chapter four, the main character has decided to snap into action and make some changes in her life. Her husband is in Belgium, so she has contacted a real estate agency to sell their apartment, and now she is starting to pack her things. But first, she needs to get something to eat. Some fries, maybe?



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