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Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Nice Scene 

At work he walks through the morgue with his flashlight, briefly looking at each still form. Nothing. Walks through again. This time ... he thinks he hears something. Looks at each form. Nothing. We hear nothing except air. He listens closely. Can he hear something? We don't, but he looks as if he's trying to hear something. We hear ... just air, and then the slight movement of his clothing as he turns. He holds his breath to listen. What is he listening for? Nothing. Then we (and he) hear a small “tick”, but towards the back door. He turns. Nothing there. Most likely the click of a heating pipe. He goes to the back door. We watch him from behind as he investigates. We are watching from over his shoulder. We move a bit closer to him. In another minute it seems as if something must, must, put its hand on his shoulder. Horror movie ethos is just crying out for it. But no. He is squatting looking at something with his flashlight. He stands up. Okay, this time, we know, when he turns back towards us he will be confronted face to face with the thing! But no. He goes back to his table in the corridor.

He works at his crossword puzzle, something new. He puts in a word. “Look”. “Coffee”. “Paxil”. That's odd ... “Undead”. No, that can't be right. But it seems to be.

He hears a definite “thud” from somewhere. He gets up from his table. Is it, uh, the morgue? Not afraid of it before, but lately ... he stands in the corridor listening. Nothing. He is waiting for a repeat of the thud, to see where it's coming from. We keep expecting he'll hear it at any moment. But he doesn't. However, he goes into the morgue. Everything is normal. But one of the gurneys is empty. That doesn't mean anything: sometimes, during the day, the corpses come and go, and not all the gurneys are occupied. But this stops him a bit.

Who are these people? He hears a distinct chuckle. Looks around. Nothing is moving...

Next: More stuff that will happen.



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